Why Double Play?

Our expertise in sales and marketing runs deep. When you work with us, you are getting a team of professionals rather than one costly in-house marketing or sales employee.

So that we can better get to know one another, here is a bit about our core values:


We are a family first business. Beyond our personal families, we consider the internal Double Play team and our clients an extension of family. Given the amount of time we spend with you and each other, we prioritize your needs.


We believe that data tells the story. In order to truly understand success, it needs to be measurable. We ensure that we are setting clear performance indicators so that we can track your growth accordingly and continue improving together.


“I forgot” is not in our vocabulary. We pride ourselves on accountability. Although this is a client service industry, we consider ourselves a part of your team and feel a deep sense of ownership over the deliverables and results that we promise.


Every successful relationship is give and take and any good strategy needs to be flexible. We know that, as your business grows, your needs will change and we work with you to find the best solutions through adaptability.


Finally, we aim not only to build your brand, but also your trust. Through our proven track record and stellar service, we will show you that your brand is in the best hands at Double Play.

Who We Do It For

Meet some of the amazing clients that we get to work with: