Our Work

We work hard to turn your potential into profits with a winning marketing and sales support strategy personalized to your own unique needs. At Double Play, we take the time to get to know your brand and ensure your solutions are tailored to your goals.

Audit and Strategy

What would you pay for a prospective client to see your brand and work?

Lead Generation

How do you prospect? How many leads do you generate a week, a month? What does a new prospect mean for you in revenue?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

By the end of six months, our lead generation process averages approximately one new prospective conversation every other week.  Sometimes, this results in one lead per week.

What would this mean for your business? Reach out here to learn more.

Social Media

What would you pay for a prospective client to consider your brand?

Is it 25 cents? $1? $5?

On average, clients see their cost per impression below 20 cents per view of their branded content.

Want to learn how? Reach out here.

Blog / Thought Leadership

Are you a thought leader in your industry? How do you showcase your knowledge to your target market?

Through monthly thought leadership blog posts, our clientele successfully showcases why they are experts in their industry.

Email Marketing

Are you top of mind with your clientele? Do you use data to measure interest and intent?

Our proven email marketing process uses proven data to showcase how you’ll not only stay top of mind, but upsell clients through data-driven intent.

Video Production